Wall Panel Speaker version [discontinued]

Product description

The Green-GO Wall Panel Speaker version is a panel-mounted version of the Green-GO Beltpack with direct access to two communication channels (either a single direct user or a group). The Speaker version of the Green-GO Wall Panel has an integrated loudspeaker and microphone.

The Wall Panel Headset version has a large LCD display which also acts as a cue acknowledgement push button. The display has an RGB backlight that will light up the screen in different colours depending on the cue status, next to displaying textual information. On the front of the Wall Panel is a rotary encoder which acts as a master volume control. When pressed, the encoder answers the most recent audio source. Two buttons on the front of the panel provide instant access to the two communication channels. All matrix data is stored internally.

Article number: GGO-WPSP


  • Easily combinable with any other Green-GO Beltpack or Multi-Channel Station (no separate matrix or interface required)
  • Integrated loudspeaker and microphone
  • Powered through PoE (802.3af-2003 Standard) or separate 12v DC power supply (not included)
  • Intercom routing data, system setup & preferences are stored in local memory
  • Create your own configuration with the free Green-GO Control software