Green-GO control 5 BETA

Product description

We are proud to finally lift the curtains and give you access to what we have been working on in the background for all these past months: Green-GO version 5 – a complete reimagination of the Green-GO system. We have taken all your feedback over the years and created entirely new software and firmwareimproving accessibility and control over your Green-GO systems. This has allowed us to put Green-GO on new feet that will carry us much further than ever before!

We have recently reached the stage in development where all initially planned systems and functionality are implemented and have been decently tested. Unfortunately, we simply cannot test for every use case or scenario possible; this is why we have decided to ask you for help with testing Green-GO version 5 in your environments and use cases. However, please be aware that we currently cannot recommend Green-GO version 5 for production use!