The Green-GO communications system is an Ethernet network based digital intercom system. The Beltpack X and Wireless Beltpack X have an identical intercom engine capable of 32 channels, a program audio channel and an extra channel for direct user communication. The Green-GO Wireless Antenna integrates the Wireless Beltpack X into an existing wired network. The Green-GO communications system has no single point of failure because there is no central unit that carries the entire system.

Multi-Channel Stations

Green-GO Multi-Channel Stations provide direct access to users or groups in your communication network. The Multi-Channel Stations operate with any Green-GO beltpack or other Multi-Channel station connected in the same network without the need of a matrix.


The Green-GO interface range consists of several high end devices that can integrate analog intercom systems into the Green-GO digital Ethernet network (2-Wire / 4-Wire / InterfaceX), connect remote networks to a Green-GO network and allow remote user login (BridgeX), or connect radio devices to a Green-GO network (RDX).

Wall Panels

The Wall Panel X is a wall mount station with direct access to three channels (either a single direct user or a group). The Wall Panel X has an integrated speaker and a headset connection.


Green-GO switches form the backbone of the network distribution system. They have been specifically designed for live entertainment applications where a mixture of data protocols would overload and saturate commercially-available network switches. The Green-GO switches range is based on a high specification Ethernet layer 2 switching engine with an optimized CPU controller.


Software applications to configure and manage Green-GO devices.