HS-200 headset

Product description

  This headset will provide the perfect sound quality and comfort that every user of our Green-GO beltpacks shall expect. Lightweight but still isolating you from the external noise, the impedance of the speakers and the sensitivity of the microphone is perfectly matched to our system. Fitted with an original Neutrik® 4pins connector, the coiled cable can extend from 1meter to 3meters.


  • Speaker frequency range: 10Hz to 22kHz
  • Speaker nominal impedance : 200 Ohm
  • Speaker T.H.D. : 0.2%
  • Speaker nominal power: 100mW
  • Mic polar pattern: Unidirectional
  • Mic frequency range: 100Hz to 12 kHz
  • Mic nominal impedance: 150 Ohm