Bridge Interface [discontinued]

Product description

The Green-GO Bridge Interface is intended to connect remote locations to a Green-GO network.

The Bridge Interface can support 2 connections in any of the 2 modes. 

A connection in ‘Bridge’ mode will connect two Green-GO networks together via a separate network or internet. The Audio and optionally call signals will be transported from one Green-GO network to the other. This will then create one group spread over two sites. The group ID and name do not need to be the same on both sides.

A connection in ‘Remote User’ mode, simply becomes another user in the remote system.

There is also an iOS app available which transforms you iOS device into a beltpack! Instead of connecting to a remote Green-GO network, you can also can connect to the iOS device.

Article number: GGO-BRIDGE


  • Serves up to 2 remote connections
  • Powered via PoE (802.3af-2003 Standard) or separate DC power supply
  • iOS App


Application notes