Firmware Slim Audio Interface 2 wire

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Firmware 4a63 Release Notes

– Quick auto null from home screen. By pressing one of the two left-hand buttons the top right button becomes a hotkey for executing an AutoNull without the hassle of entering the menu.

Firmware 4a61 Release Notes
– Auto config Update. This function will check for configs with the same name. If a config is found with the same name but a newer time stamp the device will automatically clone this new config. This feature will also solve a bug where a corrupt config (-) will automatically heal from a device with a right config. This function is always active
-Suppress warning message this function will allow the user to suppress warning popups with any button press. This function is always active
– Improved connection to Green-GO control. The communication between Green-GO devices and Green-GO control has improved. This results in A much more stable connection, especially larger Green-GO systems will benefit from this update.


  • Quick Auto null from home screen added
  • Improved connection to Green-GO control
  • Warning popups can be suppressed by any button press
  • Fix latency connection