V4 Firmware Wireless BeltpackX

Download description

Please use Green-GO Update Connection to update the firmware.

NOTE: USB devices are not shown in the main window of the Update Connection software. please look for connection at the botom gray bar of the Update connection software.

To start the Wireless BeltpackX in the BOOT mode, hold down bottom right button while powering the BeltpackX.

Firmware 4a62 Release Notes

-Single Dect Slot mode. In the connection menu on the belt pack the option Audio: Normal Band or Narrow Band. This will allow to switch between the normal 7khz bandwidth and a narrow 4khz bandwidth. This narrow bandwidth will use a single Dect slot instead of the regular double slot. This will increase the amount of wireless belt packs that can be simultaneously active in the same enviroment. The amount of Wireless beltpacks that can be connected to one antenna is 4
The user can select on device basis if a single slot narrow bandwidth is to be used or the double slot normal bandwidth.


Firmware 4a61 Release Notes
-Auto config Update. This function will check for configs with the same name. If a config is found with the same name but a newer time stamp the device will automatically clone this new config. This feature will also solve a bug where a corrupt config (-) will automatically heal from a device with a right config. This function is always active
-Suppress warning message this function will allow the user to suppress warning popups with any button press. This function is always active
-Improved connection to Green-GO control.The communication between Green-GO devices and Green-GO control has improved. This results in A much more stable connection, especially larger Green-GO systems will benefit from this update.

Firmware 4a44 Release Notes
– Not connected indicator, a tone is heard and shown on the display when the pack is not connected. Set the audio tone level in Options -> Tone
– Battery low indicator option (Device Options -> Battery Low On/Off), this will give a short beep when the battery is going low.
– Bad signal indicator option (Device Options -> Bad Signal: Off/1..5). If switched on, will generate beeping noise when the received data signal is going bad (levels 1 very bad to 5 some missing data). This will only be heard when no communication is on.
– Roaming feature (Connection -> Roaming: Off/1..5) When switched on the pack measures the quality of the data signal, if the signal goes over the selected level (levels 1 very bad to 5 some missing data), it will disconnect from the current antenna and try to find a new better connection.

– Setup encoder functions for the Left and Right encoder separately (Device->Options). Options are Main volume, Program Audio volume, Sidetone or disabled.
– Added 2 extra listen only channels: Announce and Emergency. The announce channel is listen-only and always has a high priority. When audio comes in on this channel, it can dim or mute other audio by setting the Prio Dim in the Options menu. When audio comes in, it will be shown on the display. The Emergency channel is the highest priority channel. It is listen-only and if audio comes in on this channel it will mute all other audio. A message is shown on the display. These channels can be found in the Channel Assignment menu after channel 32.
– Listen On Talk option: When enabled, it will enable the listen on a channel when as long as the talk is enabled. (Option menu)
– Answer function Enable/Disabled (Option menu)
– Popup option (Option menu). When popup messages are enabled, then:
* No popup: no popup messages will be shown on the display Popup Cue: only Cue messages will be shown
* Popup Cue + Direct: Cue messages and Direct incoming messages will be shown. This also enables the Announce and Emergency message to be displayed
* Popup All: includes all above messages and when audio is present on extended channels


  • fix: devices not showing properly in Wireless connection 4a67
  • fix: Popups not working properly in 4a67
  • fix: Direct talks not working in 4a67
  • fix: menu loop in program audio volume
  • fix: menu loop in output volume
  • fix: line in active when audio below threshold
  • bugfix - devices that are powered on for prolonged periods of time could show strange behaviour.
  • Bugfix Users all Line in/out
  • Bugfix battery low warning to early
  • Bugfix bad connection warning in narrow bandwith mode
  • NOTE: compatible with WAA firmware 4a62
  • Bugfix wireless belt pack causing white noise on Green-GO system
  • Bugfix wireless belt pack talk on channel with closed gate causing an active channel on other devices.
  • Bugfix when pairing re-connecting immediately
  • Bugfix when pairing not showing antenna name
  • Various Dect settings optimized
  • Improved connection to Green-GO control
  • Warning popups can be suppressed by any button press
  • Fix latency connection
  • bug fix user settings getting lost
  • Audio responce improved
  • Optimizations