V4 Firmware Dante Interface X

Download description

Please use Green-GO Update Connection to update the Green-GO firmware.

To update the Dante frimware please use DanteFirmwareUpdateMannager:

To start the InterfaceX in the BOOT mode, hold down the rotary encoder while powering the Quad 4-wire interface


  • fix: resolves high noise levels
  • fix: local changes not stored in permanent memmory
  • fix: dante streams only send to Green-GO after powercycle
  • fix: audio quality improved
  • fix: Popups not working properly in 4a67
  • fix: Direct talks not working in 4a67
  • fix: menu loop in program audio volume
  • fix: menu loop in output volume
  • fix: line in active when audio below threshold
  • fix: power cycle needed after config push
  • fix: frozen VU meter after power up
  • bugfix -devices that are powered on for prolonged periods of time could show strange behaviour.
  • initial release