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Green-GO provides signal solution for Covid-19 test station

January 2021

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Tasked by a Regional Public Health Service with finding an effective solution for a new Covid-19 testing centre to enable its 18 test bays to signal for technical assistance, Backbone International turned to tried-and-tested event production technology from digital communications specialist Green-GO.

The company, a leading production management and temporary infrastructure specialist with operations worldwide, is well used to delivering the best technical solutions for any number of environments. Faced with this signalling challenge as part of a systems integration project for a testing facility in Eindhoven, they turned to Green-GO, and its Beacon call indicator units. Developed for the event production industry, the Green-GO Beacons have a transparent outer case and light up when receiving a call.

Backbone’s Daniël Zwaan explains, “The testing facility has a couple of ‘streets’, each with nine testing stations. The client needed employees at each station to have a button which they can press in case of a technical issue. This should trigger a red light at their counter, and another in the control room, indicating in which “street” the support is requested. The employee or support engineer should then be able to de-activate the red light once the issue is solved.”

Zwaan continues, “We were looking for an existing system that could work for this project. Green-GO was a smart and fast communication solution.”

Specifically, the Beacon solution gave the Backbone team the advantages of being readily available, fast to program and backed up by Green-GO’s renowned technical support. Technical specialist Henk-jan Blok and the team at the Green-GO factory in Gemert, The Netherlands, were ready to modify the software as needed to adapt the product for the application. Also of benefit was the fact that Green-GO’s technology can be easily installed on an existing Ethernet network.

Zwaan says, “We can integrate the Green-GO system with our extensive network that combines all the intelligent solutions necessary to the running of the test station, including temperature monitoring, security control, communications, internet, laboratory software, cloud control and air quality checks. It was very easy to use – it took us just one day to integrate and test all the Beacons.”

Green-GO’s Silvio Cibien says, “It’s always gratifying to see innovative implementations of our technology, which provides so many advantages in terms of flexibility, ease of use and reliability, but we are especially delighted to have been able to assist an expert solutions provider such as Backbone International in delivering this vital service.”

The Green-GO Beacon call indicator system is just one accessory in the award-winning Green-GO Digital intercom-over-Ethernet system, which encompasses both wired and wireless comms systems for backstage and event production crews in a wide variety of environments.