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Green-GO spans the globe for Audio Alliance

April 2019

Manchester, UK – The award-winning Green-GO digital intercom system was recently employed to simultaneously manage multiple locations for a corporate event spanning ten sites across the globe. Manchester-based sound specialist Audio Alliance, working for Media 1 Productions, required dependable, quality communications to seamlessly connect venues in Japan, India, China, Poland, Sweden, Canada, the USA and the UK.

“We needed a reliable, managed talkback system that would work over our own VPN IP infrastructure,” says Oliver Driver, managing director of Audio Alliance. “Multiple Green-GO bridges were deployed worldwide, with each site a ‘spoke’ from our European data hub. The Green-GO system allowed us to manage all the comms channels at each of the remote sites from our central hub.”

The system implemented by Audio Alliance comprised more than 100 Green-GO devices, all of which were dispatched from its own stock. “We ran three worldwide talkback rings,” says Driver, “a show calling channel, a client channel and a technical channel. Each site had its own talkback infrastructure, with up to 18 belt packs per site, plus the worldwide channels. The sites also had multiple local rings for each discipline, including radio comms.”

As a precaution, the team also employed a 4G app-based backup solution, in case connectivity at any site should be lost. Reliability, however, proved not to be a problem. “In these situations, we site survey each location to ensure we have the stable connectivity we need. Once we have that in place, the Green-GO system just sits there and works. There are no issues.”

For Driver, Green-GO offers an ideal solution because it is an IP-based system, which is cost-effective, dependable and flexible. What’s more, his teams can always count on highly responsive technical support whenever the need should arise.

He adds, “Our deployment of Green-GO ensures it’s a reliable worldwide talkback system. Green-GO enables us to send pre-prepared kits worldwide that can be used by our local crews. The beauty of Green-GO is that it has been designed from the outset as an IP-based system, with no legacy hardware or infrastructures to deal with. Other systems involve over-complicated legacy hardware systems.”

A leading audio solutions provider, Audio Alliance has worked with Green-GO comms technology for more than five years, and has a strong relationship with its Dutch manufacturer, ELC Lighting. It employs Green-GO comms on all its projects, including regular OBs for national TV shows, where the company manages the talkback, audio and video links.

Driver says, “Green-GO is always the first system up and running for the site producers, because as soon as everyone’s talking, everything else can be managed more smoothly. They know and trust its reliability and simplicity.”