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Israel’s Independence Day stays on track with Green-GO

January 2019

Jerusalem, Israel – Green-GO, the innovative Ethernet-based digital intercom system for event production and broadcast, played a key role in Israel’s 70th anniversary Independence Day celebrations in April 2018. Meeting the communications needs for stage and broadcast crews, Green-GO’s technology impressed with its plug-and-play setup, faultless sound and rock-solid performance throughout the spectacular televised show.
Staged in a temporary arena on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, the landmark anniversary celebrations

were on a bigger scale than ever before, with VIPs including the prime minister of Israel and the army’s chief of staff in attendance. The production team understood that this was Israel’s biggest Independence Day celebration to date, and that they would be working in probably one of the most complex RF environments they would encounter. Responsible for the management of the comms systems during the event was system audio engineer, Uriyah Rubin.

“To make the production successful, many elements were taken into consideration,” explains Rubin. “A very important one was the need for stable wireless communication between the whole direction crew, stage crew and other various positions around the site. We wanted to minimise the use of walkie-talkies and other RF devices that already ‘filled the air’ and could have caused severe interference problems.”
As planning progressed, the need for a smart, stable comms system became unavoidable. “Our main engineer contacted the local Green-GO dealer, AB Electronics, to learn more about the system and its capabilities. We very quickly decided that a Green-GO system would be perfect for this event.”
The Green-GO systems provided by AB Electronics included 10 wired Beltpack BPX and 14 Wireless Beltpack WBPX units for use by key members of the event production and broadcast crew. Also included were 8 Green-GO Wireless Antennas and a Green-GO MCX Multi-Channel Rack Station unit, which offers direct access to 32 separate users or groups through individual multi-colour buttons.
One of the many advantages of the multi-award winning Green-GO technology is that it is a distributed system. Because it does not depend on any central matrix or routing engine, there is no single point of failure. However, there are other advantages too, says AB Electronics’ Jonathan Koren. “The main advantages of the Green-GO system,” explains Koren, “include the simple and intuitive way in which all the units are connected together, and the ability it gives us to monitor each user status with the Green-GO Control software.”
Set-up was indeed “smooth andeasy” confirms Rubin, adding, “I was very happy with the set-up time, and the fact that it really was a plug-and-play process. It helped me feel confident with the system and with the decision to use it.”

He continues, “We decided that we would let the stage crew test the wireless system on the on-site rehearsals. Very quickly, they all dumped their walkie-talkies and used only the Green-GO system. They also asked for more wireless devices because the other production crews were jealous; they wanted ‘those good-looking, good-sounding beltpacks’ as they called them. The user experience was very important for me, as I had been asking for quite a while for a good, stable intercom system for the productions I participated in.”
Renowned for its ease of use, reliability and scalability, Green-GO has established a strong reputation for its impressive low noise audio clarity and low latency performance. Koren comments, “The production crew were stunned by the clarity and quality of the sound, and the lack of background noise on the system.”
Rubin agrees, adding, “All users were satisfied with sound quality, Rx stability and comfort. And for myself, I was amazed by the fact that despite experiencing some strong rain storms and very hot days, the system never failed.”
He concludes, “I recommend the use of a Green-GO system for every need in the entertainment world, small or big. It delivers a very good quality of sound, and is very reliable in terms of Rx/Tx and power usage. Personally, I just love it when things work smoothly and no-one complains about communication issues, from beginning to end of the project. I would like to thank Green-GO for all their support during the building of the project, and AB Electronics for their local, ongoing support all year round.”