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Green-Go at the Expo Milano 2015

August 2015

Ensuring seamless audio and communication for the Kazakhstan Pavilion

The Expo Milano 2015 is a universal exhibition that runs from May 1 to October 31st in Milan. The event acts as a global showcase for more than 140 participating countries to demonstrate the best of their technology that they feel can offer a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the planet and its equilibrium. Over the course of the next few months, the Expo expects to welcome over 20 million visitors to its 1.1 million square metres of exhibition area.

One of the countries exhibiting at the event, Kazakhstan, the host of the 2017 exhibition is showcasing its agricultural resources over a 2396sqm exhibition space. Regarding itself as ‘the country of opportunities’, the organizers of the Kazakhstan exhibition wished to present itself loudly and clearly and as such specified a Green-Go intercom system to ensure that all communications behind the scenes would be second to none.

With sound and multimedia handled by Blue Noise from Hamburg, a Green-Go MCR12 19″ Rackstation was linked to 8 Green-Go BP2B multi-channel beltpacks to connect the control rooms with the backstage area as well as the outdoor stage.

Hendrik Rogel, manager of Blue Noise explained: “This allowed us to put the intercom into the same structure as the complex DANTE® Network which runs as a fiber optic network all over the pavilion. Had is just been for communications, a simple party line based system would have been sufficient. However the use of the fiber optic network brought us many advantages –from enhanced digital sound quality, direct communication with any user or group and the avoidance of ground loops, not to mention the time and the copper saving as there was no need to run an extra network or any other cables.”

The flexible Green-Go boasts all the features that one would expect from an intercom system but without the need to invest in an expensive central matrix as it is capable of running over any existing network (providing PoE power). With the ability to add up to 3000 users and full duplex voice links, the Green-Go system is unrivalled.

Hendrik added: “Having tried Green-Go at several exhibitions and demonstrations, I was extremely excited to put it into action for the first time at the Kazakhstan Pavilion. Green-Go has made available a completely new way of matrix communication, bringing future oriented features, all on a standard network at a very attractive price.”

Pictures: Kazakhstan – copyright Expo 2015 Daniele Mascolo