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New Green-Go app for Apple devices launches at LDI

November 2014
Puts control at your fingertips

A new app for Apple devices is being launched at LDI for Green-GO, the leading digital intercom over Ethernet system from ELC Lighting.

This is an exciting new development for the product range and demonstrations will be taking place at the Nova Lume booth, number 2866, for the duration of the show. The app, which is free to download from the Apple Store, will make the full capacity of beltpacks or table stations (32 full duplex channels, 250 groups and 3000 users) available from your iPhone/ iPad or iTouch.

Green-Go’s Silvio Cibien said: “This Green-Go app will revolutionize the way our products are used. Green-Go has a reputation as the only system of its kind in the market. But we know that to remain the best, we cannot rest on our laurels. As other companies are constantly striving to create a system as good as Green-Go we must continue to work to make sure our range can’t be beaten, can’t be replicated and we regard the development of this app as the next logical step for Green-Go”.

Green-Go is a communications system which simply plugs into an existing PoE network. Most intercom and cueing systems used for live performances in theatres, opera houses and concerts rely on separate networks of discrete wiring or dedicated data networks and proprietary protocols, sometimes with complex and expensive central management equipment. But with Green-Go, all that’s required is a simple connection of the outstations. Once set up, all group data is stored locally so there is no need for an expensive central matrix.

Silvio continued: “The app, which we are also developing for android devices, will allow the user to configure the layout of their screen (ex. 1 to 4 channels in direct access) and link their iPhone or other Apple device wirelessly to the wired Green-Go network. This gives the user 32 channels in their hands with every function identical to the award winning wired beltpack. The Green-Go bridge interface connected to a wireless access point will enable the user to connect two iPhone users. The more bridge interfaces that are connected to a wireless access point, the greater the number of users can be linked via the app.”