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Green-Go gets the seal of approval from National Theatre, Warsaw

November 2014

The national Theatre in Warsaw is one of the most important theatrical venues in Poland, dating back to the 18th century. So when the theatre decided to upgrade the old stage management system, Green-Go was the intercom system of choice chosen to create a party line network communication system.

Piotr Jankiewicz who is Director of Design and Integration at Konsbud Audio, the company contracted to install the new system said: “The stage management system covers four stages located in two buildings which are separated by a street, under which is a mini stage located in the passage between the buildings. It was vital that we installed a system that guaranteed communication between all technical work stations. It had to be so much more than a straight forward intercom system.”

The new system needed to be able to provide wired and wireless connection, party line communication, stage audio monitoring management, foyer sound system management, automatic playback of audio announcements, video monitoring management, end of intermission bells and so much more. Konsbud Audio specified Green- Go as a system that could easily handle this complex system for stage management.

Piotr continued: “This was the first time the theatre was going to have full connection between all stages and two buildings. The previous system was very old and essentially a simple analogue paging system. We needed a cost effective system with beltpack devices to complement the main stage management system but also needed a solution which would allow us, if necessary to extend in the future.”

The Green-Go system enables two channel communication between different groups of users. Integration with intercom system communication can be done using a transmitter/ receiver, wall mounted panels and intercom panels. As it is a network solution, any user may be assigned to the selected communication group using the dedicated software. “Unlike other systems we looked at, the big advantage of Green-Go is its ease of use and versatility. An important aspect for us was the use of IT infrastructure to create connections between devices and no unnecessary cables thanks to feeding through PoE ports,” continued Piotr.

The main users of the system are stage managers and it was crucial to meet their needs. It was important to ensure the new system had the same logic as the old one. Naturally many new features were implemented but Green-Go has already been given the seal of approval by its users. Mariusz Majewski, chief acoustician at the National Theatre commented: “I have worked with this system for a few months now and I am impressed by its capabilities and ease of use. We have already identified some new requirements since its installation but these have been easy to deal with without the need to invest in new equipment.”

Piotr concluded: “This is the first time Konsbud Audio has specified the Green-Go devices but it was a perfect solution for the theatre. The system has so many advantages, is easy to use, adaptable and of excellent quality. We will definitely be recommending it again in future installations.”