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Green-Go gets the green light from Audio Alliance

October 2014
-system ticks all the boxes for quality, flexibility and budget-

Audio Alliance is a UK company that specializes in designing and supplying audio solutions for some of the most high profile events in the world, from conferences to music and theatre projects. So when Oliver Driver, the company’s managing director, began researching a new digital talkback system that would handle the most demanding events and most complex venues, he decided that Green-Go was the best system for the job.

“Audio Alliance is highly regarded within the industry for providing innovative solutions that surpass the requests of our clients,” he said. “The audio market is becoming increasingly congested and in order to stand out from the crowd, we need to offer equipment that’s the best of its class. After exhaustive research and trials of other digital talkback systems we selected Green-Go.”

Green-Go is a communications system which simply plugs into an existing PoE network. Most intercom and cueing systems used for live performances in theatres, opera houses and concerts rely on separate networks of discrete wiring or dedicated data networks and proprietary protocols, sometimes with complex and expensive central management equipment. But with Green-Go, all that’s required is a simple connection of the outstations. Once set up, all group data is stored locally so there is no need for an expensive central matrix.

Purchasing 20 packs with switches and analogue interfaces, plus a rack mount station, from Green-Go’s Manufacturers agent for the UK and Ireland, Cartey & Co. Ltd, Oliver commented: “Green-Go offers the complete package. Firstly the audio quality is superb and latency is exceptionally low. Secondly, the flexibility of the system is second to none. It is so easy to create a small, simple system and equally to create a larger multichannel one, with up to a theoretical limit of 250 groups and 3000 channels. We’ve already used Green-Go on big and small shows with universal approval from both clients and crew.”

He added: “One of the big benefits is the ease with which it’s possible to interface with existing analogue systems such as wireless talkback using the 4 wire and 2 wire interfaces as it sends feeds to external sources such as in-ear systems for presenter talkback.”

Cartey & Co. Ltd’s director, Clive Cartey, added: “The team at Audio Alliance was impressed that there is no need for a master station, which is unique to Green-Go. Every pack holds the matrix data so constructing systems using standard PoE network switches is simple. What’s more, as Green-Go runs over standard Ethernet, with a very low network overhead, Audio Alliance is able to run all its FOH systems over a single quad core fibre, making life so much easier on site.”

Oliver concluded: “Customer service has been second to none and it’s been great to be able to talk directly with Green-Go’s creator, Joost van Eenbergen, to suggest some future product development. We’ve also just placed an order for more Green-Go systems, as we see this as the way forward in digital comms for our market and look forward to working with Green-Go further. For us, there is no substitute.”