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Green-GO makes the right connections at the Montreux Music and Convention Centre

April 2014
Renowned venue undergoes complete revision of its wiring system

The town of Montreux in the Swiss Riviera has been welcoming visitors from around the world for over a century and its reputation for staging international cultural events is unsurpassed. The famous Montreux Jazz Festival and the Septembre Musical, staged at the equally well known Montreux Music and Convention Centre (M2C2) draw music lovers in their thousands each year.

The prestigious Stravinski Auditorium underwent a complete refurbishment in 2011, followed in 2013 by an overhaul of the venue’s wiring, including a new, state of the art intercom system and Green-Go, from ELC Lighting was the provider of choice.

Technical Infrastructure and Event Manager, M2C2, Pierre-Yves Nussbaum said: “As part of the initial upgrade of the Auditorium Stravinski in 2011, we set up a universal wiring system based on RJ45 connectors and fibre optics. So when, in 2013, the wiring of the entire building and creation of a Data and Communication Centre got underway, we naturally sought communications system using IT networks. It was essential for us that the system could be used on the same network as the ARTNET, which had been built on ELC’s dmXLAN system a few years previously, so we chose the Green-Go system.”

The Green-Go communications system had to be capable of operating the registration lodge, the wireless intercom system, link the call sound building, sign the guest systems and importantly integrate with the ARTNET network.

Most intercom systems used in theatres, opera houses and concert halls, rely on separate networks of discrete wiring or dedicated data networks, sometimes with complex and expensive central management equipment. However, Green-Go is a revolutionary communications system which simply plugs into an existing PoE Ethernet network. For digital voice communication, all that’s needed is to connect the outstations required. Once established, all group data is stored locally so there is no need for an expensive central matrix. It can be used on any Ethernet network with Power over Ethernet capability, not just a specific lighting network.

As Silvio Cibien, ELC’s sales manager explained “Once set up,using software on a PC or Mac, each beltpack or wall panel holds operational data locally, which means that a centralized command and switching unit is not needed. Pre-set call groups can be accessed at the press of a button. But even the use of software is not mandatory. One of the benefits of this system is that using a computer to set up and run is completely optional.”

It was this simplicity along with cost that made the Green-Go system the product of choice for Pierre-Yves. “Green-Go has made what could have been a very costly job into a budget friendly exercise,” he said.“ We have been able to continue using some of the existing facilities that were installed in 2011, rather than having to rip everything out and start again. The simplified integration into our current IT infrastructure puts Green-Go head and shoulders above its competitors. We had no issues with installation and all our technicians will be fully trained in its use. I’m sure we’ll be working with Silvio and his team again on future projects”.